Lindsey Imel


I started becoming interested in cooking when I was young. I would bake cookies, pizzas and other tasty treats with my grandma. We would pretend that we were on a cooking show each time we made something. We would describe smells and flavors to our "viewers" and let them know how great our food tasted. I was always surprised at how my grandma could remember the amounts of ingredients, cooking times and temperatures. I wanted to be able to do that. So, I started practicing and found that cooking was something I really enjoyed. I wanted to make other people happy through food, too. 

How I Got Started

After culinary school, I started cooking in clients homes. Creating the menu, going shopping, cooking dinner then cleaning. Then a special event would pop up and they would ask me to cater it. During the party, other guests would ask me to create an event for them. Naturally, the word got out.



Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, Le Cordon Bleu program in Culinary Arts

Associate Degree in Specialized Technology



NRA ServSafe Sanitation

ACFEI approved courses in Nutrition and Supervision

NRAEF Bar Code

PCI completion of Training in Mixology